Trying not to kill myself. I'm not strong and I'm tired of fighting. I'm never good enough. | Self harm | Bulimia | Depression
Your not going to die, I know that, you know that? Why? Because there is hope and plan for you, for me.

I hate that I still have hope, I need to accept that it won’t get any better.

Are you OK?

I’m not and I just want to die already, thanks for caring honey, I appreciate it.

  • So I stay up all night wondering what have I done to deserve this.

  • You are beautiful. It doesn't matter, if you Dont Look like the other People. You're special! Dont give up, ok? I'm here for you.

    I’ve given up on myself a lot time ago darling, I’m hopeless.

  • It’s 2:34 AM and I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep because I feel like I’m a waste of time. I feel alone. I feel tired of my life. But mainly I feel empty, nothing makes me happy anymore, nothing makes me laugh, I feel empty inside. And this emptiness is making me sick, I’m done with my life, I’m done.